-Jackie Manuel

Valparaiso Assistant Coach

“Michael Wright is a tenacious worker. He has recruited and mentored some of the top high school players in the country. Coach Wright has a great wealth of experience and understanding for the game of basketball. Not only is he well respected on the high school level, but he has earned a lot of respect from the top college coaches around the country. With his ability to recruit, build relationships, and his coaching prowess the future is truly bright for Michael Wright”.


-Mychal Kearse

Professional Basketball Player

“I’ve known Coach Michael Wright for a little over 17 years, we actually met through playing basketball against each other. We grew a strong bond over the years from our daily workouts at the YMCA as kids. Coach Wright was always pushing me to do better, be better, and to work harder than those that were more talented than I was while at the same time teaching me the basics on how to become a better basketball player. Coach Wright is younger than me but I always looked up to him because of the way he respected the game of basketball and how he displayed strong family values in life. He’s always been a friend and a brother that I could go to for advice about life and basketball. I’ve respected him for that because he has always been a man that would tell you what you needed to hear not what you wanted to hear. A lot of my success in becoming a professional athlete goes to Coach Wright. After hearing that he was going to become a coach I knew that surely he would be a successful one!”

-Marcus Johnson Jr

Arkansas Little Rock

“Coach is a very reliable person. He is extremely passionate about what he does. He believed in me and helped me get an opportunity to accomplish my goals”

-Raheem Watts

Southern Mississippi University

“Coach Johnson, Coach Wright and Coach Ray….Hands down three of the best individuals I’ve met in my life. Most influential, honest, responsible and caring men I know. These guys would give their last just to make to sure we were okay. They helped me develop as a player and better myself as an individual”.

-Andrien J. White

University of North Carolina Charlotte

“Coach Michael Wright was one of my coaches my senior year in high school at Quality Education Academy. It was easy for my teammates and I to connect with him on a level different then previous coaches that I have played for. I also found my bond with him even stronger due to our similar Christian morals and beliefs. His elite knowledge for the game of basketball is of the highest level from coaching and also training. Coach Wright connections helped me be successful through my recruiting process and also helping with the transition to my first year of college. These connections include multiple trainers, coaches, scouts, and many other sources that are valuable keys to a successful career on and off the basketball court. Now that I am in college he still keeps in touch with me, making sure I am doing well as many of my other teammates have said he has done with them as well. He supports all of his players by attending games across the country. It’s been a true privilege to be coached and mentored by Coach Wright these last few years and the many years to come.

-Alex Davis

National Basketball Development League

“Where do I start with us and our growth since 2010. Coach Wright and Johnson has played a major role in where I am today. When I first met them, I didn’t have confidence in myself. But as the season went on they taught me more than just having confidence in myself, but passion they had for the game inspired me. I was intrigued by Coach Wright and Johnson drive and how they studied the game of basketball. I started to see the game as if I was the coach, which is where I started to form my leadership ability. These past years I’ve had a lot of ups and down but hearing Coach Wright and Johnson voice or just receiving motivational text messages kept me pushing through. Thanks Coach Wright and Johnson for everything. Y’all have help build the role model that stand in front of the cameras and step on the court to perform at the highest level each and every night. So once again thanks for everything y’all will always be coach in my eyes”.