Corporate Sponsors

Corporate sponsors play a significant role in the success of the Liberty Heights basketball program. Support can come in a variety of ways — financially, services, meals, and other valuable contributions. Thank you for investing in our young men, as we make great efforts to provide these young men with a quality basketball program.

It is important that everyone in the basketball program explore options to secure corporate sponsors. Contributions in any amount are always appreciated.

We recognize corporate sponsors in a variety of ways. These include:
• Inclusion in the banner hung in the gym
• Inclusion in the team media guide
• Presence on Liberty Heights website
• Thank You letter noting donation is 100% tax deductible
• Encourage families to use services offered by sponsor companies

Liberty Heights Patron Program

You can play a vital role in the success of the Liberty Heights National High School Boys Basketball Program by becoming a valued Liberty Heights Patron. The purpose of the Liberty Heights Patron Program is to allow individuals to make direct contributions to the basketball program. This program was designed for those individuals who may not have the time, energy, or interest in participating in other fundraising activities. It is important to emphasize that regardless of your level of involvement in other fundraising activities, you are encouraged to become a Liberty Heights Patron.

The Liberty Heights Patron Program is not limited to individuals and families currently involved in the Liberty Heights Basketball program. All past participants and friends of the program are encouraged to participate.

Donations made to the Liberty Heights Patron Program go directly to Liberty Heights Basketball.

There are four levels of patronage to choose from.

Platinum $1000 & Up
Gold $500-$999
Silver $100-$499
Supporter Under $100

Please send email to with any questions. Thank you for your consideration.